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10 March 2015 @ 09:00 am
vidukon is hosting a charity auction this year. RAINN will receive 75% of any funds raised over and above the auction target of £100.00 - and the auction target has already been hit! You can buy buffyann, halcyon_shift, purplefringe or me at the auction.

If you ever wanted to have a vid made just for you, here's your chance. A lot of fandoms are covered, and I am sure everyone is also open to suggestions should your fandom not be listed (at least I know I am :) ).

So go out and support this small, cozy and most of all AWESOME con called vidukon!
16 November 2014 @ 08:57 pm

Song: Radioactive
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Download and streaming at my website here.

Welcome to the apocalypse!

There isn’t much I can say about this vid except – robots fighting dinosaurs! Well, technically they are not really dinosaurs but Kaijus, some alien monsters from another dimension. But they are battled by giant human-operated robots, the Jaegers (German for hunters ;) ). The vid mainly focuses on the Gipsy Danger and its pilots Raleigh and Mako.

16 November 2014 @ 08:55 pm

Song: Birds of Prey
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Download and streaming at my website here.

They watch and they feed, they take what they need, they bite as you bleed, the birds of prey

I made this video as a premiere for Club Vivid at vividcon 2014. For some reason (the reason being real life ;) ) I forgot to put this one online before. Mea culpa.

When I heard this song on the radio, I immediately thought of the beginning of season 3 and what Olivia had to go through on the other side. I thought the premise of the song matched up pretty much with the storyline of what happened over there, so I tried to matched up audio and video and tell one story. I hope you like it!

02 November 2014 @ 04:31 pm
During my recent trip to Australia, a nice fellow Scaper who lives in Sydney took me on an awesome Farscape tour. We visit a heckload of iconic places all around the city. Now I am more than eager to do a Farscape rewatch!

I put up sort of a "then and now" comparison over at Terra Firma where I matched up screenshots from the show which pictures I took. If anyone wants to have a peek, here's the link.
25 July 2014 @ 11:45 am
So I was lucky enough to attend the European Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy last night. The movie isn't supposed to come out until Aug 28th here, so seeing it more than a month before it actually hits the theaters was absolutely awesome. Security was pretty thight in the theater, they had security guards with night vision goggles going around to make sure no one was going to tape it o.O

Now.... about the movie.... I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie. Other than it being a Marvel movie and having a bald blue Amy Pond in it, I knew pretty much zero about it. Now that I have seen it - OH - MY - GOSH! You all HAVE to go see it when it hits the theaters! Seriously. This movie is FRELLING AWESOME!!!!!!

"I am Groot." Yeah, you damn are, big tree! Can I keep you?
Rocket? Awwwww, so damn cute at first sight and then you will go "he didn't just say that, did he?" more than once!
Quill? Oy yoy yoy, hottie! And let's call him the next John Crichton, please?
Drax? Big guy, but sometimes you just wanna cuddle him, especially at the end in that certain scene with Rocket.
Gamora definitely kicks ass big time. Jirl power!
And then of course Nebula - hey, Amy Pond can have an American accent! And dude, her eyes are freaky!
Last but not least - Lee Pace who plays Ronan. Seriously, that guy was freaking awesome!

We had more than one bout of hysterical laughter during the movie and also more than one awwwwww moment. The music played a big role in that, too. During the big showdown between Ronan and Quill at the end I almost wet my pants.

Seriously. Go see that movie! Even if you are not into Marvel or superheroes - go see it! If you liked Farscape? GO FRELLING SEE IT! Seriously, I mean it! You will not be disappointed!
01 July 2014 @ 09:31 pm

Song: Geboren um zu Leben
Artist: Unheilig
Download and streaming at my website here.

We were born to experience this one moment when we all realize just how precious life really is

I started this video in 2010 right after the episode “Jacksonville” aired. I shortly after abandoned this video and while I always wanted to finish it, I never got around to it. When VidUKon 2014 came around, I finally sat down and finished this one as a premiere for the Eurovision show. I changed the original opening I had but still kept the idea I had in mind when I started this. Since I had waiting so long to actually finish this, I also had the opportunity to draw clips from 3 more seasons of Fringe which – looking at the finished vid now – just made it so much more better

This premiered at vidukon 2014 during the Eurovision show.

01 July 2014 @ 09:28 pm

Song: Let It Go
Artist: Idina Menzel (English), Willemijn Verkaik (German)
Fandom: Disney's Frozen
Download and streaming at my website here.

Let the storm rage on

I made this video together with my little 6 year old helper J who decided that our usual “cut the song out of the Disney movie so he can keep on singing to it over and over” wouldn’t cut it. He wanted to be all grown up and make a video himself. So he picked the scenes, I put them on the timeline and together we edited them into J’s very first fanvid!

This video has dual audio – English (track 1) and German (track 2). J and I edited the vid using the German version of the song because that is the version he can understand and sing to. I added the English version after the fact so I can sing to it ;)

This premiered at vidukon 2014.

20 May 2014 @ 06:04 pm

I've run into a bit of a problem... A friend and I coach a dance group of about 25 girls ages 3 to 6. We were able to win the local Coca Cola factory as our sponsor. They'll provide us with polar bear costumes for the older ones. The younger ones don't fit the smallest size costume so we decided we could dress them as penguins to go with the polar bears.

Here comes the problem. Our limited funds don't allow us to actually go out and buy them costumes. We moms though who will gladly sew the costumes for us and a local store who will provide us with a limited amount of fabric. Does anyone here have any idea how we could make costumes? We don't want to make them full body costumes or overalls but that's pretty much all I can find in patterns... The girls all have white leggings and white long sleeve shirts sober thought maybe a cape with a hood would work? Put the beak and a pair of eyes on the hood, use Velcro to attach the sides to the wrists (or maybe wrap the Velcro around the fingers?) and then just cut the bottom to look like two flaps. Has anyone ever seen a cape like that? (we're not quite sure if that would even work or look nice). Or maybe another idea how to easily make a penguin costume without making a full body costume??

08 May 2014 @ 11:45 am
So J (with all of his 6 years) has been very insistent that he wanted to work with me on making a vid for his very favorite Disney movie. This very favorite Disney movie used to be Cars (and Cars 2 of course) - which I totally get, cause - you know - boys and cars. Except since of last December, his new very favorite Disney movie is about - two princesses??? I think we've seen Frozen about a hundred times now? Though, I do think he really just loves that movie because of Olaf (J's new favorite catch phrase is "yes, why?" - and there I thought he was out of that phase already! LOL). Aaaaanyways. I sometimes make little snippet vids for the boys just because. Mostly so they can sing along to their favorite Disney songs and enjoy snippets from the movies (sadly, Disney Sing-A-Long DVDs haven't made their way to Germany yet....). J has been begging me forever to make him a sing-a-long vid for Frozen so he can sing with Elsa. Uhm yeah. Three weeks later and a lot of "noooooo, you need to use that clip right THERE!" and "you forgot to use that clip!" and "there is not enough Anna in the vid" (seriously, first crush anyone?) we've finally finished this cute little Frozen vid.

Now - I am very tempted to use this for the vidukon premieres. It's not the usual quick edit sing-a-long vid I tend to make for the boys. It's really - thoughtful (thanks to that 6-year old who apparently has a crush on Anna?). I had intended on making another premiere for vidukon but that one never got past picking music and ripping because J was so insistent about Frozen (I think I may do that one for vividcon instead?). I'm kinda torn.... aaaaah. Do I submit it or do I not submit it? J just loves that vid and singing along with it but hey, he's 6 and loves Disney songs and Disney movies. The vid really also has two audio tracks - one German, one English. Well, basically one is the song sung in German (for J) and the other is the song sung in English (for me and for L who is in his 3rd year of English now at school and - who'd have guessed - favors Elsa LOL). Decisions, decisions. *Sigh* Maybe I'll just say "to hell with it" and submit it. I don't think there'll be a lot of Frozen (or Disney) vids at all at vidukon.
12 January 2014 @ 08:17 pm

Song: You've Got A Friend In Me Artist: Michael Bublé Fandom: The Lion King Stream and Download at my website here

You've got your troubles, I've got them too

This was my gift for anoel for festivids 2013.

anoel and I were matched on two fandoms and I had a really hard time trying to decide which to take. Coincidentally the assignment arrived in my email inbox a few days before I headed to Walt Disney World. So when I was at Animal Kingdom and sat in The Festival of the Lion King, I knew which fandom it was gonna be. I pursuaded Rafiki to pose with my little made up sign for anoel (that monkey is a real charmer, let me tell you ;) ) and that was as far as I got.... I had NO idea what music to use! I was absolutely dead set on NOT using a Disney song for a Disney vid. Yeah, that kinda went out the door when I heard Michael Bublé performing Randy Newman's song "You've Got A Friend In Me" from Toy Story. I thought it was a perfect fit to illustrate what the movie went to me - friendship and courage. So from there I went!

I hope you all enjoy this little piece as I had a lot of fun making it!

12 December 2013 @ 10:10 am
Part of my new job is video editing (OMG I GET PAID DOING THIS! LOL!) I have a serious problem though that I'm pretty much used to Sony Vegas but I need to work with Adobe Premiere (right now still CS4, the new laptop will have CS6). I'm missing certain features that I regularly used in Vegas. Premiere probably has them but they seem to be pretty hidden.... Is there anyone out there who can help me with this?

Most importantly - I'm in need of a certain transition. The person in charge of this project before me used a certain type of transition that I need to use as well for consistency (plus it looked kinda cool the way he used it). For the heck of me I can't find it in Premiere or even have the slightest clue how to recreate it (I would know in Vegas XD). How can I best describe this transition - the picture is blurred and horizontally stretched at the same time, revealing the next portion of the vid.

Second most importantly - marker function!!! How do I set markers in Premiere using keyboard shortcuts? I need to set markers while watching the vid. In vegas, I could just hit M and it would set me a marker while watching. In Premiere, I need to stop and then either use the marker menu or the marker button in the sequence window. It's tedious......

And lastly, what aggrevates me the most - transitions. This is one of the things that always aggrevated me in Premiere. I am pretty sure I am doing this wrong XD When I want to transition from one clip to the next, I can only place the clips next to each other. I can not overlap them like I can in Vegas as that will cut one of the clips in Premiere. Meaning if I use a transition, I have to place the cut clips side by side, then add the transition - which will add a little bit of either clips (parts that I had cut before) to create the overlap. Now please tell me I am doing this absolutely wrong because this way I can't cut the clips right to the frame where I want the transition to start as Premiere will extend the clip for the transition. That way I don't seem to have control over where a clip is cut as Premiere just takes the additional footage that was cut before and adds it to be able to make the transition. Does this make sense? I hope it does because it aggrevates the hell out of me!

So that's pretty much that..... HELP?
28 November 2013 @ 04:44 pm

I'm getting a new laptop from work. unfortunately it comes with Windows 8.1. Does anyone know if Vegas 9 will work with that? My Google-fu didn't yield any answers...

12 November 2013 @ 02:28 pm
Moon over Jurassic Park

So I came back from my recent vacation with about 3,000 pics that I have to go through... Looooooots of Harry Potter shots in the batch - even though I never read a book or saw a movie XD But Hogsmead and Hogwarts were amaaaaazing! I had a frozen Butterbeer, too! (Yummy!) Forbidden Jorney is one awesome ride, the best Universal has to offer (closely followed by Transformers). I think I rode it like 20 times total during my trip, with Transformers following at about a dozen times. Lucky these rides had single rider lines - no wait so I could go again and again and again and again!

PS: Yes, that is the actual moon over the Jurassic Park gate. So no, I didn't photoshop it in!
22 October 2013 @ 11:28 am
I know I haven't been around much lately but I promise I've been a good girl that deserves a vid from you :) In my frenzy to sign up for festivids so I won't miss it, I completely forgot to add any details for my fandoms. Shame on me. my excuse? Time just flies! No, seriously.... suddenly it was a week later and I had missed the time again to complete my sign-up *sigh* That's my life lately XD So without much further lamenting, here's my festivid fandoms for you (in alphabetical order no less ;) )!

Darkwing Duck [TV]
I just recently got into this again with the nephews. They love this superhero duck! I confess though, I am only watching this for Darkwing and Launchpad and their incredible clumsiness and Gosalyn's snarky remarks. If you could highlight that, I'd be extremely happy :)

Dinosaurs [TV]
Not - The - Mama! Seriously, I love the Baby! I had a plush Baby Sinclair doll once upon a time. All those frying pan moments with Earl.... just awesome! So yes, Baby Sinclair is my favorite character over all!

Finding Nemo [Movie]
This is one of my go-to Disney movies. I'm a sucker for Dori and Squirt. Dori is just hilarious and Squirt is just so damn adorable! Duuuuuuude, anything about those two would be absolutely awesome.

The Great Mouse Detective [Movie]
This was the second movie I ever saw on the big screen (The Rescuers being the first). To this day, I'm a sucker when it comes to Toby. That movie is also the reason why I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. Disney, that was well done! I just love everything about this movie.

Gummi Bears [TV]
This is a joke show for my whole family. When we went to see The Great Mouse Detective, they showed an episode of the Gummi Bears first. I still remember to this day that we were all so greatly confused about being in the wrong movie that my dad got up and asked the attendant if we were seated in the wrong movie XD The joke has now moved on to the next generation - the boys just call it "the bouncy show" XD I always had (and still have) a soft spot for Toadie. He's just that adorable little monster that is a tad bit too good (and too clumsy) to be evil!

Ice Age series [Movie]
One word. Scrat. Oh, maybe three words. Scrat in love. Hysterical!

The Incredibles [Movie]
I love superheros of all sizes and colors. If they throw in a baby that turns into a devil? I love it even more! You'd make me super happy if you could make me a vid of Dash, Violet and Jack Jack.

Lilo & Stitch [Movie]
I'm a total sucker for Stitch. So much so I have a 21" Stitch doll with a lei around his neck sitting next to my bed. Yes, I'm weird. I also love one thing about the movie: "Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." Yeah, that pretty much sums up why I love this movie.

I don't care what kind of music you use or if the vid you're gonna me is 90 seconds short or 5 minutes long. I know that whatever you do for me, it will be extremely awesome and I will love it! Why? Because it was made specifically for me by you! So now rock, er, vid on!
23 July 2013 @ 04:10 pm
Soooooooooooo.... anyone miss me? ;)

So where have I been.... short version:

Loved my job -> job went downhill -> hated my job -> found new job -> LOVE new job!

I had a pretty rough patch at work which started sometime last fall. It got so bad that I lost interest in pretty much everything that I didn't even want to talk or see people. I became a complete recluse which really really scared me cause that's really not me at all. It also really frustrated me that I seemed to have completely lost interest in anything creative. raspberry_splat got a certain insight into in how bad a state I was in when we spent a week in Vancouver last fall. Eventually it got so bad at work that it made me sick physically. From February on I was constantly sick. I got over one thing, the next thing hit me. I also suffered from constant insomnia. I think the only reason I actually survived that time was because of two of my co-workers at my old job. We've pretty much kept each other sane most of the time.

Well... the change came last April when I was invited for an interview at KIT (Karlsruhe Institue of Technology). This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me that I didn't want to pass up. Called in sick at the old job and went for the interview... which went really well. So well they called me back to come in for a second interview to meet the big boos while I was in Philadelphia for a trade show (and to see utchick and raspberry_splat and the same time ;)).I cursed heaven and hell that they had to call me back while I was halfway around the globe! Well - they postponed the interview by a week, and then hired me within a day. I started my new job at KIT (yay, back at university!) on July 1st.

I have to say - I feel so much more sane now in this job, it's unbelievable. I miss my old co-workers (we've become real close friends - but they're also about to leave the company soon). However, I am *finally* in an environment with people who have an IQ higher than 80. I finally sleep again, I am not physically sick anymore, and - most important - I have found interest in fandom and friends again. I go home from work in the evening and actually feel like going out with friends or just chatting and doing stuff. With my old job, I went home and all I wanted to do was crawl in bed not see or to talk to anyone.

So....... here I am, in a new job which feels like I have a new life again. I pray to heaven I never ever will lose my fandoms again because honestly, that was really one of the worst times of my life. So pleas keep prodding me once in a while because I want to come back into fandom, and I feel like I am now in a position where I am able to do that.
22 January 2013 @ 01:00 pm

Song: Girl on Fire
Artist: Alicia Keys
Download and streaming at my website here.

She’s living in a world filled with catastrophe… but she knows she can fly away.

A tribute to a girl named Henrietta Bishop.

Vidder's note: This vid contains clips from the series finale.

01 January 2013 @ 06:02 pm

Song: Revolution
Artist: Aimee Allen
festivids gift for lizbetann
Download and streaming at my website here.

I'd start a revolution - if I could get up in the morning.

06 November 2012 @ 01:04 am

so I spent 10 hours in the freaking cold of Vancouver today...  but hey, guess what! I had my picture taken with Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson. Also had a nice chat with Blair Brown!  and of top of all that I got so damn majorly spoiled for the rest of season 5 of Fringe that my mind is going freaking haywire!


PS: picture below cut is not spoilery; )

Here be cut, just to be save....Collapse )

28 October 2012 @ 07:36 pm
.... and be caught in the middle of a hurricane *facepalm*

I am currently in Manhattan. I have never seen this city so empty! Public transit is suspended, store fronts are boarded up. So far no rain, just really heavy winds. I am safe in my hotel off 5th Avenue (it's located in a "no flooding expected" zone). We'll see what tomorrow brings.
19 September 2012 @ 12:29 pm
Would some kind soul please tweet me when Festivids signups start? Otherwise I'm most probably gonna forget all about it like last year....