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Fringe Fic: Son of Men Chapter 2

Title: Son of Men
Chapter: 2
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When a message comes through the typewriter, it's going to turn everyone's life upside down.
Author's Note: Many, many, many {hugs} to my lovely beta [info]raspberry_splat  for being my lifeline the last few months.

Previous chapters: 1


Barely two hours later, Peter and Olivia rounded the empty hallways of Massive Dynamic towards Nina Sharp's office. The message that had come through the typewriter earlier hadn't been the first one to be sent from the other side since they had discovered the machine. Messages about what was happening over there infrequently arrived at various times of the day. They didn't know who was sending them or if they were for real, so they always took them with a grain of salt. Whatever had come through the typewriter tonight though seemed to have triggered an alert powerful enough for Nina Sharp to immediately call Peter and demand his presence.

She met the pair in the long corridor in front of her office already, a concerning frown on her face that instantly turned into surprise when she noticed that Peter had brought along Olivia. She had told him over the phone that the message had been for him, that it was best he dealt with it alone for the moment, but still, the younger Bishop had decided to ignore her advice and bring along the young, blonde haired FBI agent.

"What's so important that we had to fly down to New York in the middle of the night?"

Nina ignored Peter and regarded Olivia with one of her trademark smiles, "Olivia, what a pleasure to see you. I wasn't expecting your presence here tonight."

"She goes where I go," Peter simply said, and once again pressed the issue at hand, "What's so important that came through the typewriter that it couldn't wait until morning?"

"It's a rather delicate situation that I wanted to be handled right away."

Nina pushed open the door to her office and motioned for Peter and Olivia to step inside. The wide, oddly angled office was brightly illuminated even after midnight, and the almost empty desk that sat lonely towards the back looked more like a surgical table in this sterile looking environment of white without any kind of colorful contrast anywhere. They took their seats in the chairs in front of the desk while Nina took her usual spot on the other side of the table.

"You are aware that we still don't know who is sending us messages from the other side, why this person is sending them and if they can be trusted," she started as she pressed a small button on the intercom that sat to her right," We have always treated anything that has come through with the appropriate kind of skepticism."

"Which is why I don't understand why this couldn't wait until tomorrow," Peter responded.

"The message that was sent has a rather... alarming content. I have pondered for a long while if I was going to let this sit on my desk until tomorrow but we have received two more messages with the same content. Whoever is sending these messages is demanding a reaction from us. Or specifically, from you, Peter."

Peter and Olivia both shifted uncomfortably in their chairs as they watched Nina's assistant walk into the office and place a manila folder in the middle of the desk. A black gloved hand immediately claimed property of the file before either Peter or Olivia even got a chance to reach for it. Whatever was hidden inside was alarming Nina Sharp in a manner that they had never seen before. Her fingers curled around the folder tightly, but eventually she held it out towards Peter.

"Please remember that we don't know if these messages are real or not."

He took the folder from her and flipped it open. His eyes immediately fixed on the single line that was printed on the first page. For a long while, he said nothing while he flipped back and forth between the three sheets or paper that each contained the very same message. From a distance, he could hear Olivia say his name, but he just shook his head.

What he had read on those pages, real or not, it was something he had never ever expected to hear. At least not from the other side. Because if what they had sent was real, it would change everything. Absolutely everything. His mind was racing as he looked up at Olivia, the shock and confusion evident all over his face. Eyes narrowing in on her, he closed the folder without even looking and flung it on Nina's desk.

"It's a joke. It has to be!" was all he said before he rose from his chair and hurried out of the office.

Olivia looked after him, pondering for a moment if she should run after him, but then decided that she needed to read the message herself first. When she turned back towards Nina's desk, she found the older woman holding out the manila folder for her already.

"If what was sent is true, you have to remember that Peter really loves you. Only you."

Nina's words slightly irritated Olivia as she took the file from her. She had had this nagging feeling ever since the call had come in that whatever had been sent from the other side had to do with her alternate self. And, given Peter's reaction and Nina's warning, that nagging feeling just intensified. With trembling fingers, she held the folder in front of her, not sure if she really wanted to know what was inside.

Just thinking about what had happened between Peter and the Olivia Dunham from the other universe ripped open old wounds and brought back memories of sorrow and despair that she'd rather not remember. But whatever had upset Peter so greatly, it was enough to make him run out of Nina's office... and if she wanted to help him, she needed to know and understand. So she pulled out the sheets and placed them on top of the folder. What she read was like a punch in the gut. Three short sentences that sent her mind reeling, making her want to run just like Peter did before. Because this – this could not be happening.

The grip she had on the papers slowly loosened, the sheets fell from her hands and sailed miserably down onto the floor. With those papers, her whole world came crashing down as well. There, at her feet, lay three pieces of paper that all held the same message, a message that bore into her with such intensity that it made her stomach turn.

Peter Bishop. Your son needs your help. He is in danger.

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