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12 November 2013 @ 02:28 pm
Guess where I've been.....  
Moon over Jurassic Park

So I came back from my recent vacation with about 3,000 pics that I have to go through... Looooooots of Harry Potter shots in the batch - even though I never read a book or saw a movie XD But Hogsmead and Hogwarts were amaaaaazing! I had a frozen Butterbeer, too! (Yummy!) Forbidden Jorney is one awesome ride, the best Universal has to offer (closely followed by Transformers). I think I rode it like 20 times total during my trip, with Transformers following at about a dozen times. Lucky these rides had single rider lines - no wait so I could go again and again and again and again!

PS: Yes, that is the actual moon over the Jurassic Park gate. So no, I didn't photoshop it in!