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12 December 2013 @ 10:10 am
HEEEELP! Adobe Premiere is frustrating!  
Part of my new job is video editing (OMG I GET PAID DOING THIS! LOL!) I have a serious problem though that I'm pretty much used to Sony Vegas but I need to work with Adobe Premiere (right now still CS4, the new laptop will have CS6). I'm missing certain features that I regularly used in Vegas. Premiere probably has them but they seem to be pretty hidden.... Is there anyone out there who can help me with this?

Most importantly - I'm in need of a certain transition. The person in charge of this project before me used a certain type of transition that I need to use as well for consistency (plus it looked kinda cool the way he used it). For the heck of me I can't find it in Premiere or even have the slightest clue how to recreate it (I would know in Vegas XD). How can I best describe this transition - the picture is blurred and horizontally stretched at the same time, revealing the next portion of the vid.

Second most importantly - marker function!!! How do I set markers in Premiere using keyboard shortcuts? I need to set markers while watching the vid. In vegas, I could just hit M and it would set me a marker while watching. In Premiere, I need to stop and then either use the marker menu or the marker button in the sequence window. It's tedious......

And lastly, what aggrevates me the most - transitions. This is one of the things that always aggrevated me in Premiere. I am pretty sure I am doing this wrong XD When I want to transition from one clip to the next, I can only place the clips next to each other. I can not overlap them like I can in Vegas as that will cut one of the clips in Premiere. Meaning if I use a transition, I have to place the cut clips side by side, then add the transition - which will add a little bit of either clips (parts that I had cut before) to create the overlap. Now please tell me I am doing this absolutely wrong because this way I can't cut the clips right to the frame where I want the transition to start as Premiere will extend the clip for the transition. That way I don't seem to have control over where a clip is cut as Premiere just takes the additional footage that was cut before and adds it to be able to make the transition. Does this make sense? I hope it does because it aggrevates the hell out of me!

So that's pretty much that..... HELP?