jagwriter78 (jagwriter78) wrote,

Kids and vidding Premieres....

So J (with all of his 6 years) has been very insistent that he wanted to work with me on making a vid for his very favorite Disney movie. This very favorite Disney movie used to be Cars (and Cars 2 of course) - which I totally get, cause - you know - boys and cars. Except since of last December, his new very favorite Disney movie is about - two princesses??? I think we've seen Frozen about a hundred times now? Though, I do think he really just loves that movie because of Olaf (J's new favorite catch phrase is "yes, why?" - and there I thought he was out of that phase already! LOL). Aaaaanyways. I sometimes make little snippet vids for the boys just because. Mostly so they can sing along to their favorite Disney songs and enjoy snippets from the movies (sadly, Disney Sing-A-Long DVDs haven't made their way to Germany yet....). J has been begging me forever to make him a sing-a-long vid for Frozen so he can sing with Elsa. Uhm yeah. Three weeks later and a lot of "noooooo, you need to use that clip right THERE!" and "you forgot to use that clip!" and "there is not enough Anna in the vid" (seriously, first crush anyone?) we've finally finished this cute little Frozen vid.

Now - I am very tempted to use this for the vidukon premieres. It's not the usual quick edit sing-a-long vid I tend to make for the boys. It's really - thoughtful (thanks to that 6-year old who apparently has a crush on Anna?). I had intended on making another premiere for vidukon but that one never got past picking music and ripping because J was so insistent about Frozen (I think I may do that one for vividcon instead?). I'm kinda torn.... aaaaah. Do I submit it or do I not submit it? J just loves that vid and singing along with it but hey, he's 6 and loves Disney songs and Disney movies. The vid really also has two audio tracks - one German, one English. Well, basically one is the song sung in German (for J) and the other is the song sung in English (for me and for L who is in his 3rd year of English now at school and - who'd have guessed - favors Elsa LOL). Decisions, decisions. *Sigh* Maybe I'll just say "to hell with it" and submit it. I don't think there'll be a lot of Frozen (or Disney) vids at all at vidukon.

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