jagwriter78 (jagwriter78) wrote,

Costuming help for children

I've run into a bit of a problem... A friend and I coach a dance group of about 25 girls ages 3 to 6. We were able to win the local Coca Cola factory as our sponsor. They'll provide us with polar bear costumes for the older ones. The younger ones don't fit the smallest size costume so we decided we could dress them as penguins to go with the polar bears.

Here comes the problem. Our limited funds don't allow us to actually go out and buy them costumes. We moms though who will gladly sew the costumes for us and a local store who will provide us with a limited amount of fabric. Does anyone here have any idea how we could make costumes? We don't want to make them full body costumes or overalls but that's pretty much all I can find in patterns... The girls all have white leggings and white long sleeve shirts sober thought maybe a cape with a hood would work? Put the beak and a pair of eyes on the hood, use Velcro to attach the sides to the wrists (or maybe wrap the Velcro around the fingers?) and then just cut the bottom to look like two flaps. Has anyone ever seen a cape like that? (we're not quite sure if that would even work or look nice). Or maybe another idea how to easily make a penguin costume without making a full body costume??


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