jagwriter78 (jagwriter78) wrote,

Guardians of the Galaxy European Premiere

So I was lucky enough to attend the European Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy last night. The movie isn't supposed to come out until Aug 28th here, so seeing it more than a month before it actually hits the theaters was absolutely awesome. Security was pretty thight in the theater, they had security guards with night vision goggles going around to make sure no one was going to tape it o.O

Now.... about the movie.... I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie. Other than it being a Marvel movie and having a bald blue Amy Pond in it, I knew pretty much zero about it. Now that I have seen it - OH - MY - GOSH! You all HAVE to go see it when it hits the theaters! Seriously. This movie is FRELLING AWESOME!!!!!!

"I am Groot." Yeah, you damn are, big tree! Can I keep you?
Rocket? Awwwww, so damn cute at first sight and then you will go "he didn't just say that, did he?" more than once!
Quill? Oy yoy yoy, hottie! And let's call him the next John Crichton, please?
Drax? Big guy, but sometimes you just wanna cuddle him, especially at the end in that certain scene with Rocket.
Gamora definitely kicks ass big time. Jirl power!
And then of course Nebula - hey, Amy Pond can have an American accent! And dude, her eyes are freaky!
Last but not least - Lee Pace who plays Ronan. Seriously, that guy was freaking awesome!

We had more than one bout of hysterical laughter during the movie and also more than one awwwwww moment. The music played a big role in that, too. During the big showdown between Ronan and Quill at the end I almost wet my pants.

Seriously. Go see that movie! Even if you are not into Marvel or superheroes - go see it! If you liked Farscape? GO FRELLING SEE IT! Seriously, I mean it! You will not be disappointed!

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