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Vid: Pacific Rim - Radioactive

Song: Radioactive
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Download and streaming at my website here.

Welcome to the apocalypse!

There isn’t much I can say about this vid except – robots fighting dinosaurs! Well, technically they are not really dinosaurs but Kaijus, some alien monsters from another dimension. But they are battled by giant human-operated robots, the Jaegers (German for hunters ;) ). The vid mainly focuses on the Gipsy Danger and its pilots Raleigh and Mako.


Vid: Fringe - Birds of Prey

Song: Birds of Prey
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Download and streaming at my website here.

They watch and they feed, they take what they need, they bite as you bleed, the birds of prey

I made this video as a premiere for Club Vivid at vividcon 2014. For some reason (the reason being real life ;) ) I forgot to put this one online before. Mea culpa.

When I heard this song on the radio, I immediately thought of the beginning of season 3 and what Olivia had to go through on the other side. I thought the premise of the song matched up pretty much with the storyline of what happened over there, so I tried to matched up audio and video and tell one story. I hope you like it!

O/P Brown Betty

Vid: Fringe - Born to Live

Song: Geboren um zu Leben
Artist: Unheilig
Download and streaming at my website here.

We were born to experience this one moment when we all realize just how precious life really is

I started this video in 2010 right after the episode “Jacksonville” aired. I shortly after abandoned this video and while I always wanted to finish it, I never got around to it. When VidUKon 2014 came around, I finally sat down and finished this one as a premiere for the Eurovision show. I changed the original opening I had but still kept the idea I had in mind when I started this. Since I had waiting so long to actually finish this, I also had the opportunity to draw clips from 3 more seasons of Fringe which – looking at the finished vid now – just made it so much more better

This premiered at vidukon 2014 during the Eurovision show.


Vid: Frozen - Let It Go

Song: Let It Go
Artist: Idina Menzel (English), Willemijn Verkaik (German)
Fandom: Disney's Frozen
Download and streaming at my website here.

Let the storm rage on

I made this video together with my little 6 year old helper J who decided that our usual “cut the song out of the Disney movie so he can keep on singing to it over and over” wouldn’t cut it. He wanted to be all grown up and make a video himself. So he picked the scenes, I put them on the timeline and together we edited them into J’s very first fanvid!

This video has dual audio – English (track 1) and German (track 2). J and I edited the vid using the German version of the song because that is the version he can understand and sing to. I added the English version after the fact so I can sing to it ;)

This premiered at vidukon 2014.


Vid: The Lion King - Friends (Festivids 2013)

Song: You've Got A Friend In Me Artist: Michael Bublé Fandom: The Lion King Stream and Download at my website here

You've got your troubles, I've got them too

This was my gift for anoel for festivids 2013.

anoel and I were matched on two fandoms and I had a really hard time trying to decide which to take. Coincidentally the assignment arrived in my email inbox a few days before I headed to Walt Disney World. So when I was at Animal Kingdom and sat in The Festival of the Lion King, I knew which fandom it was gonna be. I pursuaded Rafiki to pose with my little made up sign for anoel (that monkey is a real charmer, let me tell you ;) ) and that was as far as I got.... I had NO idea what music to use! I was absolutely dead set on NOT using a Disney song for a Disney vid. Yeah, that kinda went out the door when I heard Michael Bublé performing Randy Newman's song "You've Got A Friend In Me" from Toy Story. I thought it was a perfect fit to illustrate what the movie went to me - friendship and courage. So from there I went!

I hope you all enjoy this little piece as I had a lot of fun making it!


Fringe Vid: Girl on Fire

Song: Girl on Fire
Artist: Alicia Keys
Download and streaming at my website here.

She’s living in a world filled with catastrophe… but she knows she can fly away.

A tribute to a girl named Henrietta Bishop.

Vidder's note: This vid contains clips from the series finale.


CVV Premiere Vid: The Big Bang Theory - Let's Go, Sheldor!

Song: Geronimo
Artist: Aura Dione
Stream and download here.

This is my Club Vivid Premiere vid 2012. I solely blame this on raspberry_splat who has been asking me since forever to make a vid for The Big Bang Theory. Since she’s been feeding my TBBT addiction (OMG I HAVE A SOFT KITTY THAT SINGS TO ME WHEN I’M SICK – THAT IS SO DAMN AWESOME, THANK YOU!), I figured why not give in and finally make a vid for TBBT. She’s been feeding me with those “you gotta put this in” and “then there’s that scene that needs to go in” – let’s not forget the “this is my favorite scene, that has to go in” – texts that I could not resist anymore. Finding a song that would both suit TBBT was a bit of a challenge though.

Originally, I had suggested this song for Club Vivid without having a fandom in mind that I could actually use for a vid. I kinda figured, if it gets approved, I can still think about it. I never really connected it to TBBT until I saw a general TBBT promo here on TV that used a Black Eyed Peas song… so I figured if they can make that work, I can see about using Geronimo for it. I started out with a general overview for TBBT, but at some point I kinda turned itself into a Sheldon Cooper vid. So I started calling it my “Sheldon Cooper is the king of geekiness” vid XD Hope you enjoy!


Fringe Vid: Peter Wake - the Fringe video game

Peter Wake – the Fringe video game.

Download and stream here.

I’ve been meaning to do this little vidlet ever since I saw the episode LSD. I’m a gamer, and one of the games I thoroughly enjoyed was the XBox360 exclusive Alan Wake. Reviewers say it’s a mix of Stephen King and Twin Peaks and I gotta agree there. There’s an additional DLC for it called “The Writer” which inspired this little vidlet. The audio was taken from the trailer which is available for streaming on the XBox Live Channel on your game console (in case you have one ;) ). The video is composed of clips from Fringe’s episode 3×19 LSD plus some Photoshop graphics I spliced in between. Remember when watching that Alan Wake is a horror/thriller game so the vidlet it set along the same lines.


CVV Premiere Vid: Fringe - Kidz

Song: Kidz
Artist: Take That
Download and streaming here.

Beware when the kids come out to play!

This is my Club Vivid Premiere vid 2011. It was more of an experiment. When I first saw the original music video for this song, I thought “oh, lense flares!” which is something the people on Fringe like to play with that. Add the epic flying Take That logo to the mix and compare it with the Fringe logo and you have quite the combination! So I mixed the original Take That footage of Kidz with footage taken from 3 seasons of Fringe. The resulting video is almost 5 minutes long but I think it’s a fun little piece for a an awesome dark show.